Autumn In Dublin

posted by Candice November 17, 2015 0 comments
Sea and sky in Dunleary

The amber leaves crunch underneath my feet as I make my way under the canopy of my umbrella, shielded from the light drizzle that seems to constantly nourish the nature it touches. The grass is greener for it. The trees and plants bloom with vitality because of it. But then, out of nowhere, the rain relents and a ray of dazzling sunshine breaks through the clustered clouds, and all I see is colour. The saturated blue of the sky revealing it’s glory against the dark greys and smoky whites of the billowing clouds; the evergreens, lively yellows and burnt orange of the Autumn scene that bursts with life as it tilts its head to revel in the light of the shining sun. It’s drama. It’s colour. It’s life. And all this within a moment, on an Autumn day in Dublin.

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