Sardinia – La Dolce Vita

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We were looking for sunshine and something magical. Longing to bathe in crystal clear waters and be revived by nature’s astounding beauty, this trip had to be special. But where to go? Google would have the answers! I opened up my laptop and typed ‘best beaches in europe’ in the search bar. The images were magnificent. The one that caught my eye showed an ocean that looked like a giant, glittering swimming pool, with colours that were so vivid and so blue, I couldn’t stop looking at it. Hello Sardinia.

You may associate Sardinia with glitz and glamour, elite hotels and designer shops – and yes, there is all of that swish if you want it – but there is so much raw, natural beauty in this place that outweighs any airs and graces. It reaches out to connect with the humblest of souls. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea, and its entire coastline is filled with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There’s something for everyone, and in our case, an off-season trip meant we got to experience some of this at a really affordable price.

It was early June and the weather was perfect. We flew in to Olbia and based ourselves at Luna Lughente, a well-equipped hotel about a 10 minute drive from the airport, close to the beaches in Pittulongu. As we arrived, the vision of a crystal clear swimming pool, effortlessly blending into the spectacular backdrop of the panoramic view over the gulf of Olbia, took our breath away. We had found paradise. A drive along the coast, up towards the famous Costa Smeralda, took us through raw landscape made up of rocky hillsides, teeming with lush greens and colourful flowers in full bloom. Winding roads lured us down towards stretches of soft, white, powdery sand, leading the way into the glistening turquoise water of the alluring Mediterranean. It was a perfect picture everywhere we looked.

Delicious cocktails
If you can manage to escape from the ocean’s seductive grip for a moment, it’s well worth spending a little time in the town of Olbia itself. If you make your way past the slightly industrial looking outskirts, you’ll discover a charming, historic town centre with cobbled streets and bustling piazzas. Here you’ll find a wide range of boutiques, wine bars, cafes and restaurants. A great place to enjoy an evening meal and a glass of wine as you watch the sun go down. Oh, and did I mention how great the food is in Sardinia? Bellissimo!

We were there for a short stay, and only managed to scratch the surface of what Sardinia has to offer. From stunning beaches and secret swimming spots, to beautiful, mountainous landscapes and historical ruins, there’s far too much to discover it all in just one trip. But with one look, it has won my heart, and I can’t wait to return.

Pittulongu beach

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