Newham College Prospectus


Date: 2012 – 2013

This was a project I was involved in while working with London agency, Studio Eleven.

Newham College in London was creating a new prospectus and needed new and fresh copy developed as well as the editing of some existing copy. The aim was to create a prospectus that was written in the tone and language that the potential students could relate to, encouraging them to choose to study and make their career dreams a reality.

Newham College Prospectus Intro


Newham College Prospectus content


Other work included producing content for a tri-fold A5 wallet that would serve as an advertising tool for the Newham College CIPS brochure. The copy was developed with the aim of appealing to potential end users such as employers, stakeholders, partners, business start-ups and job seekers.

CIPs brochure