Flagd App Copy And Product Conceptual Development


Date: 2015

This project included working with web development agency, Lab19 Digital, to create a new recruitment app.

Flagd is aimed at simplifying communication between recruiter and contractor, getting the right contractor into the right role even faster. My role in this project started with the conceptualising process, moving on to naming the product, creating relevant and optimised copy for all online content, creating brand guidelines and a tone-of-voice document, producing press releases, as well as managing some social media. I also¬†wrote the Elevator Pitch and presented it live on film for Tech City News’ 2015 Elevator Pitch series. Flagd was a winner in this competition.

You can visit the app here: Flagd.com

You can view the Tech City News press article and video here: Flagd Elevator Pitch

Flagd Elevator Pitch script


Flagd website