Hot Air Balloons & Rainbow Dreams

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Hot air balloon complete

It could be a childhood favourite like ‘Around The World In Eighty Days’, or maybe it’s the striking images of these colourful beauties floating majestically over Cappadocia in Turkey. Whatever the reason, there is just something about hot air balloons. I love the colour and grandeur they exude, and the vintage touch they give to a scene. For my two year old, it’s because Peppa Pig rides in one. That was reason enough for me to take on the task of creating a magical hot air balloon to be the star decoration at her birthday party.

Here’s how to make a hot air balloon decoration yourself…

First, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • 1 small latex balloon
  • 2 paper cups
  • rope or twine
  • coloured tissue paper
  • double-sided tape
  • sticky tape
  • 1 standard craft glue stick
  • 2 wooden skewer sticks
  • scissors

Hot air balloon tools

Step one:

Cut the paper cups through the middle. Take one of the bottom pieces and one of the top pieces and wrap double-sided tape around the outside, covering as much of each cup as possible. Then take the rope or twine, and begin to wind it around each cup, pushing it down firmly on to the double-sided tape as you go. This will give you two little baskets.

Hot air balloon basket

Step two:

Cut the wooden skewer sticks to the desired height, and use them to suspend the top half of the cup (top basket) above the bottom half of the cup (bottom basket). You can attach the end of the skewers on each end using double-sided tape and sticky tape. Push down securely to make sure they are stuck firmly in position.

Step three:

Blow up the balloon to the desired size and tie the end. Take the bottom half of the second paper cup and pierce a hole in the bottom. Then feed the tied end of the balloon through the hole inside the cup, pulling it over and securing it with sticky tape at the bottom of the cup. (This will trap the air and ensure that the balloon doesn’t go flat. It will also hold the balloon firmly in position). Now the bottom of the balloon can be inserted into the top basket you have already made.

Hot air balloon attachment

Step four:

Cut your coloured tissue paper into petal shapes, and begin to stick them to the balloon using your craft glue. Choose your colours and follow your chosen pattern.

Hot air balloon decorated

Step five:

Embellish your hot air balloon with a few more decorations. I made a strip of white bunting out of white paper and added a few flowers around the bottom basket. Voila!

Hot air balloon close up

This hot air balloon was made to be the cake topper for my toddler’s Peppa Pig party, but you could use it as a bedroom decoration, table centrepiece or…whatever.

The finished result: a quirky Peppa Pig cake and a very happy birthday girl. Up, up and away!

Hot air balloon cake topper

Peppa Pig hot air balloon party

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