Ban The Beige: How To Paint Ikea Furniture

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Painted IKea cabinet

Don’t get me wrong. I love Ikea! It’s just that I seem to spruce up my living space like I change my clothes. So, the beige cabinet that once matched my baby’s soft, white, neutral nursery, was now the dull spare wheel in the bolder, more quirky space that had become my toddler’s bedroom.

If you’re like me and you like to do things on a whim…pause. Make sure you have the right materials before you try to just slap a coat of paint on that laminated veneer chipboard that you’ll find on a lot of modern, flat pack furniture pieces.

Here’s how I got the job done…

Tools For Painting Furniture

The tools are important. Armed with a light sand paper, a sponge paint roller, a primer and the paint of your choice, you’ll be ready to go.

Step one:

Give the surface a light sand. Even on Ikea furniture, this will roughen the surface up a bit and give the paint and primer something to grip on to.

Step two:

Use a suitable primer to prime the surface.You can find some that are specifically designed for laminate surfaces. In this case, I actually used an MDF sealer which seemed to work quite well. I applied the primer with a mini-roller, giving it a smooth finish. Wait for your primer to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step three:

Avoid paintbrushes if you can, and use a mini-roller or a spray gun to apply your paint to get a more even and professional finish. Make sure to leave the recommended drying time between coats, and add as many coats as you need. Once you’re satisfied with your work, make sure you follow the instructions on the tin and leave the paint to dry fully.

And there you have it – your same old furniture, just like new.

Before and After

I used this same technique on some other furniture pieces around the house. Result: colour and contrast to spruce up a room. I’m sold!

DIY painted furniture

Upcycled furniture



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